wants to produce beautiful, unique cake toppers, to put on a cake,

to bring families together, at special occasions at a reasonable cost.


I am a not for profit social enterprise, who wants to produce interesting cake toppers which can be personalized with photos or your own designs.


I feel that there is a need to bring families back together and what greater way is through baking and personalizing a cake for the family to enjoy.


Buying a cake is the most expensive outlay of any occasion, so I want to make items available to put on shop bought pre-iced cakes, or home made cake, which make them personal and unique at a budget price.


I try to provide edible printed cake toppers, which offer a unique humorous appeal. I can offer some facebook Aunty Acid images, by kind permission of her creator, Ged Backland.


I want to be able to supply some beautiful images from Anne Stokes, with her very kind permission, as cake toppers.


I can also produce the very eye catching and beautiful, Princess of the wolves, by kind permission of her creator, Adrian Chesterman.



Fund raising event

We were fundraising for Alicia Pannell at the Grumpy Old

Women's July Jamboree, at Waterlooville Community Centre.

What we produce